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Why is early diagnosis important for nerve health?

How many times did you feel numbness in your arm or tingling in your hands or feet? It’s something everyone might experience at least once in their lifetime. Our daily routine, tiredness and fatigue can contribute to not noticing these signs sometimes and a busy life and the belief that these feelings are not so bothering make us say “they’ll just go away on their own”. 


Many symptoms are difficult to be recognized, the symptoms of nerve impairment, for example, are easy to be misinterpreted and can be underestimated. Numbness and tingling or even muscle cramps are some of them, did you know that?

Due to the similarity to other conditions, like when you experience muscle cramps and suspect a deficiency in minerals, symptoms of nerve impairment are often left unrecognized or misinterpreted. 


When it comes to health “better safe than sorry”! Talking to your doctor is always the best choice. Let your doctor be aware of what is happening to you, even if it seems nothing important. He’s the one who should evaluate the kind and gravity of the symptoms you’re experiencing, helping you interpret correctly what you feel. 

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Many symptoms related to nerve impairment can be underestimated or confused with other conditions. Tell your doctor about any new symptom you experience

Usually, a proper diagnosis of nerve impairments requires a series of information that a physician can gain by asking you specific questions about your medical history and carrying out simple neurological examination in short time. A process that you cannot conduct on your own, only the doctor will know how to assess and interpret the symptoms in order to answer to every question you have. 

Visiting your doctor is a good occasion to describe to him what you feel with your own words, this might give him a fuller sense of what your symptoms are like.


Good news. Nerve fibers actually can regenerate on their own, they are capable of recovering from damage. With this ability, symptoms like tingling, burning, numbness may go away once the condition is properly treated and enough time has elapsed to allow the nerve to recover. So if diagnosed early, nerve damage may be better handled thanks to the capacity of the nerves to regenerate. 

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Nerve regeneration is possible. Early diagnosis can help it!


It is therefore important to help nerve regeneration by specific measures and early treatment with, for example, neurotropic B vitamins that can contribute to nerve health. B1, B6 and B12 are neurotropic vitamins, in that they preferentially affect the nervous system

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for more information, he can give you advice on other things you can do and tell you more about nerve regeneration. 



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