Empowering true Filipino heroes with healthy nerves

Neurobion® Philippines has recently launched a series of exciting initiatives as part of its new "True Heroes" campaign. The brand is celebrating Filipinos around the country and is drawing their attention to the importance of taking care of their nerves.


Helping True Heroes

Neurobion®'s new TV commercial puts in the spotlight one of the many Filipino heroes who suffers in silence as she makes her family’s dreams come true, often neglecting her own health.

Watch the full video and learn more about the campaign and the events organized for its launch here




Neurobion® gives art a new meaning with the creation of three life-­sized installations in Glorietta, Makati City. The installations represent three of the most common symptoms of neuropathy: pins and needles, numbness and muscle weakness.


A brave stand

“A Brave Stand” highlights the ‘pins and needles’ symptom on the leg, changing lights from red to yellow to indicate unhealthy and healthy nerves. It also serves as a functional piece for our true heroes who are in need of public transport by simply pressing a button to light up the taxi signage that will notify taxi drivers to go to that area.



“Motherhood” shows a simple loving act from a mother to her child but with an interesting twist. To educate the public about Neuropathy, the right arm of the mother holding the giant umbrella shows a cross section of the nerves which glows to depict numbness. This piece serves as a shade where families can feel ensconced from the rain while waiting for their ride home.

NEU_en_PH_campaign-ph_imageteaser_Supportive hands-picture

Supportive hands

“Supportive Hands” is a three-seater bench that is designed to yield with weight to dramatize muscle weakness.

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