What happens when nerves are damaged?

You can imagine your nervous system as an electrical network that can spread the information in the form of electrical impulses, just like the electrical circuit does with electricity in your house.

The nervous system, needs to be interconnected through all the body in order to carry the information from one part to another. To make this happen, nerves, part of which are the nerve fibers - which work like “electrical wires”-, allow the impulses to flow.


If the nerve fibers, or its protective coat, is injured or destroyed, a proper conduction of the electrical message is disturbed. The electrical signal can become irregular and/or result in spontaneous and uncontrolled impulses.


When this kind of damage affects peripheral nerves, symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can occur.

Symptoms can vary depending on the type of nerve affected: motor, sensory or autonomic.

Just like when your domestic electrical network is damaged and you call the electrician as soon as possible, even more for your nerves early diagnosis and the appropriate treatment are crucial to maintain your nervous system healthy.




Neurons are the basic elements of the nervous system and are composed of:

  • • AXON

*Simplified representation.



The axon is a long, wire-like extension of the neuron that carries the signals from the cell body to other cells — such as nearby neurons or muscle cells.
Certain axons, such as those ones in the peripheral nervous system, can be wrapped in a substance called myelin that protects the nerve fibers and helps the rapid transmission of signals. Continuing the comparison with electrical wire, the axon is the analogous to the copper inside the plastic coating represented by myelin.
At this point you can understand how important caring is for the myelin sheath and maintaining it healthy for the good function of your nervous system. The way the myelin wraps the axon also reminds of necklace beads. The gaps in the myelin sheath are called nodes of Ranvier, and make the impulse conduction faster. The neurons have also another kind of extensions, called dendrites, that branch from their cell bodies and that give that star-like shape to the neuron. *Simplified representation.

Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12


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