10 facts you should know about the signs sent by nerves

34% of people over 80 years old have nerve impairments, which can be associated to the disease called neuropathy. This also concerns the 15% of those over the age of 40.

People with neuropathy can feel dizzy in the shower when they have their eyes closed while shampooing. In fact, verifying the presence of dizziness while closing the eyes is one of the tests a doctor might do to investigate whether you’re suffering from nerve damage in order to diagnose neuropathy.

The causes of nerve damage are unknown in around 22% of cases.

Neuropathy is often unrecognized or not investigated because the signs are subtle or even not detectable at the beginning.

Since they have lower sensitivity to pain, people with nerve impairment are at risk to injure their feet without even noticing it.

Recently, the rock icon Eric Clapton revealed he has peripheral neuropathy, which made him cancel a string of concerts in 2013.

With nerve impairment sometimes sensitivity to pressure or even slight touch is so increased that even the touch of bedsheets make feet burn and can cause pain.

Many people with neuropathy experience the sensation of their socks being bunched up or their shoes not fitting correctly because of their altered sensitivity in their feet.

When you suffer from nerve impairment stepping on a small pebble could feel like as if a sharp piece of glass is cutting into the sole of your foot. This is a symptom called “increased sensitivity to pressure”.

Peripheral neuropathy is one of the main risk factors for falls in patients with diabetes.

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