Empowering true Filipino heroes with healthy nerves

Neurobion® Philippines has recently launched a series of exciting initiatives as part of its new "True Heroes" campaign. The brand is celebrating Filipinos around the country and is drawing their attention to the importance of taking care of their nerves.

Helping True Heroes

Neurobion®'s new TV commercial puts in the spotlight one of the many Filipino heroes who suffers in silence as she makes her family’s dreams come true, often neglecting her own health.

Watch the full video and learn more about the campaign and the events organized for its launch here


Neurobion® #NerveTherapyTrip


In time for Neuropathy Awareness Month, Neurobion® treats True Heroes to an upgraded bus ride. This therapeutic trip is designed to give their nerves a break from the pressures of daily commuting.

Relaxing Ride

The Neurobion® buses come as a welcome transportation alternative to those who travel from either ends of the Alabang-Navotas route. Our scented buses play calming music to keep our passengers feeling relaxed as they head to and from work, for free.

Neuromotion Exercises

The Neuromotion Exercises are taught inside the buses as a method to shake off symptoms of neuropathy. They can be done on the way to work or while at the office. These micro-exercises are made to be quick and easy to show that you can always find time to #LoveYourNerves. You can watch the Neuromotion here. LINK:

Nerve Care Packages

Our passengers are given nerve care packages before alighting. Each of these bags contains Neurobion® capsules, a massager, a stress ball, snacks and some refreshments. Moving forward, our passengers can use these items to reinvigorate their nerves.


Vitamins B1 + B6 + B12




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