Key Benefits

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Regenerates Injured Nerves

Helps in the revival of damaged nerves.

Helps in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Helps in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Designed to relieve the discomfort and pain associated with a condition known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Relieves Lower Back and Leg Pain

Relieves Lower Back and Leg Pain

Helps in easing lower back and leg pain due to a condition known as Sciatica.

Product Description

Neurobion Forte® RF is a multivitamin injection containing Mecobalamin, Pyridoxine and Nicotinamide as the active ingredients. It is India's No 1 Mecobalamin Inj, 2ml with IM/ IV administration.

Product info


Each 2ml ampoule contains: 

  • Nicotinamide (B3) - 100 mg 

  • B6 Pyridoxdine Hydrofloride (B6) - 100 mg 

  • Methyl Cobalamin B12 - 1000 mcg (Methyl Cobalamin)

Directions for use

As prescribed by your medical practitioner.


What is Neurobion Forte RF injection used for?

Neurobion Forte RF Injection is a combination of Methylcobalamin, Niacinamide, and Pyridoxine. It is used for peripheral neuropathy (pain in nerves, usually in lower limbs and hands). It is also helpful to reduce lower back or neck pain, pain in sciatic nerve and Carpel Tunnel syndrome.

Is Neurobion Forte RF Injection safe?

The B vitamins contained in Neurobion Forte RF are safe and usually don't cause side effects when taken as per doctor's recommendation.

Is Neurobion good for everyone?

Neurobion products are combinations of B vitamins. To help address B vitamins deficiencies in people who are at risk. They must be taken after doctor's advice.

What are the symptoms of nerve damage?

Numbness, tingling or burning sensation in the hands and feet are the symptoms of nerve damage. Few Neuropathy patients might also feel like they're wearing a tight glove or sock and regularly dropping objects they're holding.

How many times should you take Neurobion Forte injection?

For initial treatment of severe cases, 1 ampoule pair per day is given until the acute symptoms subside. For follow-up therapy, 2-3 ampoule pairs are given per week. The duration of the treatment is generally determined by the doctor.

Is Neurobion injection better than tablets?

The lowered absorption rate and increased frequency attributed to oral supplements can cause the overall treatment process via tablets to be slower than that of B12 injections. As you are technically absorbing lower amounts of B12 over time, it might take a while for symptoms to reduce.

Disclaimer: Please reach out to your Doctor for an accurate diagnosis

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