Key Benefits

B1+B6+B12 vitamins

Relieves Numbness, Tingling and Burning Sensation

Provides relief and soothes unwanted symptoms of B Complex deficiency.

Did you know?

Stimulates Nerve Regeneration

Helps in the synthesis of neurotransmitters which are depleted in Neuropathy. Regenerate your nerves and gain comfort.

Optimal Nerve Health

Optimal Nerve Health

Provides crucial neuroprotection by delaying the degeneration of the myelin sheath. Ensures your nerves stay strong and resilient.

Product Description

Neurobion Plus, Vitamin B12 B6 B3 Supplement provides the triple nutrient formula for nerve health.

Product info


Each film coated tablet contains: 

  • Nicotinamide IP (B3) - 45 mg 

  • Pyridoxdine Hydrofloride (B6) - 15 mg 

  • Mecobalamin (B12) - 750 mcg

Effects of Deficiency

Lack of B-vitamins can cause:

  • Weakness

  • Fatigue

  • Nutritional deficiencies

Directions for Use

2 tablets a day or as prescribed by your medical practitioner

Safety Information
  • Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight

  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage

  • Keep out of reach of children


What is Neurobion Plus used for?

Neurobion Plus tablet is used to treat and prevent the deficiency of Vitamins B3, B6 and B12. It is used as an adjuvant in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. This tablet helps relieve the symptoms of Neuropathy occuring due to B Vitamin deficiency such as tingling, numbness and burning sensation in hands or feet.

Is Neurobion safe for daily use?

Yes, it is safe to consume Neurobion daily. Please consult your doctor before consuming Neurobion Plus for a longer duration.

Is Neurobion good for nerves?

Neurobion is a rand of supplements that contain a combination of B vitamins. Its manufacturers advertise that Neurobion can help improve nerve function. Vitamin B-complex supplements, including Neurobion products, can help treat or prevent certain nutrient deficiencies.

How much B12 should I take daily?

While the recommended daily amount of Vitamin B12 for adults is 2.4 micrograms, higher doses have been found to be safe. Your body absorbs only as much as it needs, and any excess passes through your urine.

Disclaimer: Please reach out to your Doctor for an accurate diagnosis

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