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Neurobion® is South Africa’s #1 Vitamin B product recommended to treat Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 deficiencies1 and has a heritage going back more than 50 years.2 

Neurobion® is indicated for the treatment of a deficiency in any of the following B vitamins: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 or Vitamin B12 and these three B Vitamins are called neurotropic B vitamins as they are important for nerve health and function.3

On our website, we provide information on Vitamin B deficiency and the people who are potentially at risk.4-7 It is our intention to educate and raise awareness, as Vitamin B is so important for health and wellbeing.8 

For more information, please speak to your doctor or pharmacist about Neurobion® and treatment that is appropriate for you. 

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Applicant: P&G South African Trading (Pty) Ltd. Reg. No.: 1989/004241/07. |S1| Neurobion® Tablets. Each tablet contains Vitamin B1 100 mg, Vitamin B6 200 mg and Vitamin B12 200 μg. Reg. No.: H2487 (Act 101/1965).
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