Regular moderate exercise has a positive impact on your overall health condition.

Here some exercise programs to maintaining flexibility, improving muscle strength and developing balance. 


In case you are suffering from a medical condition such as neuropathy, pain, hypertension or other, before starting a program please consult a health care professional.


N.B.: Not all exercise programs need to leave you sweating!


Which of the following most applies to you?


Light exercises may help you to improve balance. When doing them, always make sure you’re fully supported to avoid falling.




Stretching is important in maintaining flexibility. It can be done even if confined to a chair. 

If using weights, keep them at a sensible level.


ejemplos de posiciones de elongacion


Progressive resistance exercise may improve muscle. Weights are not necessary, even a wall can be part of the right gym equipment! 




Tablets of Vitamin B Complex with B12

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For adults only. One tablet daily as directed by the physician. Conditions might not improve if they are due to reasons other than lack of Vitamin Bs present in Neurobion Forte Tablets. For more information, consult your physician. No. 1 as per IQVIA SSA MAT MAY 2018 dataset in terms of units in Vitamin/Minerals/ Nutrients category. Results may vary from person to person.

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