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Listen to your nerves

Nerves are not visible but still need to be protected and listened to. Being aware of your nerves helps you understand what your body tells you and to better detect any possible symptom of nerve impairment.




List of symptoms related to nerves damage
Have you ever experienced these symptoms?
Many people often aren’t able to find the right words to describe a sign or a symptom or aren’t able to notice them.
Person having doubts
Some signs may be misleading, always talk to your doctor
Sometimes a sign or symptom related to nerve impairments may not seem relevant to you, but it could be an important information for your physician.


List of population with higher risk for nerve impairments
Which populations have a higher probability for nerve impairments?


Asian woman playing violin

It's a matter of listening, symptoms need to be recognized like notes in music... to find harmony again.


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Tablets of Vitamin B Complex with B12

Fictional Characterisation


For adults only. One tablet daily as directed by the physician. Conditions might not improve if they are due to reasons other than lack of Vitamin Bs present in Neurobion Forte Tablets. For more information, consult your physician. No. 1 as per IQVIA SSA MAT MAY 2018 dataset in terms of units in Vitamin/Minerals/ Nutrients category. Results may vary from person to person.

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