10 Tips for a better quality of life and nerve health



Here’s 10 simple tips to keep in mind for improving your nerve health and your overall health.


Regular check-ups:

Don’t skip your scheduled doctor’s appointments, pay attention to yourself and report to your doctor if you notice something new in your body.1


Listen to the signs your body sends you:

Talk openly about the symptoms you experience to your doctor and don’t let them get worse. 2


Be well informed about your health:

Be aware of how your body and the nervous system work to help you manage your nerve health. The more you know, the better you can protect them.


No smoking, no drinking, reduced sugar:

Create healthy lifestyle habits and say goodbye to harmful addictions such as smoking and alcohol. Reduce sugar in your diet especially if you have diabetes. 3,4,5


Choose a balanced diet:

Consult your doctor to find out which foods contain B vitamins essential for nerve health. 6,7


Choose to be active:

Speak to your doctor about suitable activities to help you improve your mood and relieve everyday stress, taking into consideration your general health, age and fitness level. 6,7


Take a break:

Avoid staying in the same position for a long time, take a break to stretch occasionally. Try to avoid postures that put prolonged pressure on certain nerves. 6


Take your medication as prescribed:

Follow the prescriptions and advice from your doctor, as they can help you keep your nerves healthy and protected. 8


Choose happiness:

Set some time aside to relax and enjoy your favourite things e.g. playing with your pet, going for a walk, caring for your garden or spending time with your family. Enjoy life, have fun.


Gratitude is an attitude:

Things like practicing gratitude can be life-changing and can help you reach your goals in life.


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Vitaminas B en adultos

What are neurotropic B vitamins?

These vitamins play different roles in your body. They are also able to nourish and protect your nervous system.


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