Some symptoms may be misleading, always talk to your doctor

Many of the common symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency are often dismissed as “nothing too important” or something that happens normally with ageing. As a result, these symptoms are often ignored. Ignoring symptoms and self-diagnosis without medical supervision are not the correct way to approach your health care.

Non-specific symptoms such as numbness, dizziness, muscle cramps can also be due to many and different diseases. 1-3 However, not everybody knows that they can also be related to poor nerve function due to a Vitamin B deficiency. 4,5

DIZZINESS:  a symptom of Vitamin B deficiency?


Dizziness is that feeling of being lightheaded, woozy or unbalanced. 2,6 You might feel it when you’re very tired or if you suffer from low blood pressure, migraine, or an ear infection. 2 But did you know that it could also be a symptom of a Vitamin B deficiency? 2,7 That’s why telling your doctor what you experience, even if you don’t fully understand it is so important..

NUMBNESS:  a symptom of Vitamin B deficiency?



Numbness, Numbness, the sensation of wearing an invisible “glove” or “sock” that stops you from feeling soft touch may be due to poor nerve function resulting from a Vitamin B deficiency, long-standing diabetes, poor blood flow to the area or a pinched nerve in your spine. 1,4,5 Numbness in your hands and feet will make you more susceptible to injuries from ill-fitting shoes, walking barefoot or handling hot items so it is very important to find out the underlying cause and get it treated. 1

WALKING DIFFICULTIES:  a symptom of Vitamin B deficiency?



It’s important to know that walking difficulties are not always due to stiff joints or old age. People with severe Vitamin B deficiencies can have numbness in their feet so they do not feel the ground or they might have muscle weakness and are unable to lift their toes clear of the ground - this makes their gait unstable, and walking and coordination difficult. 1 Whatever disease you think you have, explain to your doctor all your symptoms so that he can give you a complete diagnosis.


MUSCLE CRAMPS:  a symptom of Vitamin B deficiency?



Muscle cramps can have many different causes, including a Vitamin B deficiency and related nerve problems. 3,8 If your muscle cramps are severe, don’t improve with self-care, or happen frequently, they could be a sign of an underlying disease or disorder. 3 Let your doctor know if you’re experiencing muscle cramps, as well as any other symptoms such as weakness, burning pain or a loss of sensation..

If severe muscle cramps stop you from doing what you love,
talking to your doctor can make things better.



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